Student Care Centres (SCCs), sometimes known as before and after-school care, provide supervision and sometimes enrichment programmes for school children aged 7-14 years old . Besides academic supervision and support, most SCCs also provide a good range of enrichment programmes and activities that engage children with learning and develop his or her character. A healthy lunch meal and tea are usually provided in SCCs.

Student Care Centres are governed by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF). There are two types of Student Care Centres: One is primary school-based centres that solely serve the students of these schools. MERCU Learning Point and Pro-teach Education Group are some of the prominent companies that run these on-site student care centres. Even preschools like Kiddiwinkie is extending their services to student care in primary schools. The second type will be those that operate independently in the neighbourhood. Most centres operate from 7am to 7pm on weekdays, and half day on Saturdays.

ComCare’s Student Care Fee Assistance Scheme (SCFA) is available to children with disabilities in Special Student Care Centres. The subsidy amount is dependent on the number of family members of the child, where either the gross Household Income (HHI) or gross Per Capita Income (PCI) will be used to ascertain the amount of subsidy qualified for.

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