Molding sculptures does more than just sculpt, carve, chisel, engrave, shape, or model a mound of clay. Sculpting carvings involve casting, stamping, and moulding it into art-worthy work to be displayed in homes, schools, exhibitions or museums. Learning how to sculpt professionally starts from lerning the basic handling of clay.

Aspiring sculptors can pursue a career out of professional training. Sculpting courses typically teach the foundation in sculpture such as site, context, process, psychology and aesthetics of the object. It also explores issues of interpretation and audience interaction, as well as differentiating a variety of materials and techniques both traditional (wood, metal, plaster) and non-traditional (fabric, latex, found objects, rubber, etc.). Sculpture schools in Singapore like MAGES Institute of Excellence and NAFA conduct Clay Sculpting courses for those who wish to pursue sculpting as a profession.

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