Work etiquettes is the manners people expect you to exhibit at work. The scope boils down to having good manners, being honest and being kind to the others. There is a professional level of expectations for all people, regardless of your job positions.

For example, do not be late for work, or have private tea breaks other than the official lunch break. Do not gossip about your colleagues or back stab them. Do not be overly intimate with your male colleagues or bosses. Do not take credit for work done by others. Be productive at work and not buy time into the end of the day. The list goes on.

Of course, work etiquette may not come naturally to people, and many new graduates may not be aware of what are expected of them as they step into the corporate world. Step on the wrong toes or being oblivious to corporate norms will cost you a career. The Etiquette School Singapore and Etiquette & Image International are good choices to learn from.

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