CFP:IJRA Special Issue on Intelligent Information Technology and System
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International Journal of Robotics and Automation

Special Issue on Intelligent Information Technology and System”

Call for papers



Theme and Scope

Recent progress of intelligent information technology and system has been unleashedin deep learning, automation and control system, leading to a powerful tool that can be leveraged across a wide number of industries. Analysis is becoming a competitive necessity and key factor for many applications in this new era, suchas intelligent control, internet technology, web application, Internet of Things (IoT), and automation engineering. There are many challenges inthese technologies, for example, growing data volumes, proper control function, and system modeling which are placing more and more demands on industry. Powered by the integration of new technologiesin artificial intelligence, internet technology, data mining and automation engineering, intelligent information technologies provide new insights and powerful opportunities for different application in businesses, industries and academia. Therefore, advancement in this era offers adaptive methods that will provide more efficient solutions to real problems. Such research will contribute to the formulation of policies, strategies and methods, as well as the formation of organizational behavior for the adoption of these new technologies.

This special issue will provide a comprehensive overview and novelresearch in Artificial Intelligence,Internet TechnologyData MiningIntelligent Automationand Control Technology. Special attention will be paid to in deep learning and cloud computing for automation technology, meanwhile, new developments in basicmethods, information systems and applications in these fields will be outlined.Submissions should consist ofstate-of-the-art ideas, original results, theoretical analysis and applied research in following topics, but not limited to:

·Artificial Intelligence

·Automation and Intelligent Control System

·Cloud Computing for Automation

·Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning 

·Computer and Smart Information System

·Vision, Animation, and Virtual Reality

·Computer Networks and Data Communications

·Wireless Sensor Networks

· Systems Modelling and Optimization

All manuscripts should be emailed to  [email protected]by July 30, 2019. The cover letter should indicate the names of the authors and their affiliations, addresses, faxes and e-mails. Manuscripts should strictly follow the guideline of the International Journal of Robotics and Automation at:

Important Dates

Deadline   for paper submission

July 302019

Notification   of acceptance

August 302019

Final   Manuscripts due

October 302019

Publication   in special issue

The 4th Quarter in 2019

Guest Editors

Xiaofang Li, Changzhou Institute of TechnologyChina

Email:[email protected]

Shangce Gao,University of Toyama, Japan

Email: [email protected]

Zhixin Sun, Nanjing University of Posts and TelecommunicationsChina

Email: [email protected]

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