About actualyse

Deriving from 'Self-Actualisation' from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, actualyse helps people identify their natural talents (intelligences) so that they can then find their ideal schools and coaches to realise their potential.

actualyse has 14 directories, out of which 8 are Enrichment directories structured after psychologist Professor Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences framework. The other 6 directories cater to daily schools. actualyse’s powerful filtering and shortlisting functions, couple with authentic members’ reviews, help facilitate your search for ideal schools and coaches.

Schools are reviewed objectively based on 5 Golden Rules:

Our Founder

Isabelle Loo

Isabelle Loo was a former Senior Education Officer in MOE. The ten years in the education service has inspired her to spread her passion for learning to everyone and hence, she started actualyse.com in 2013. She has three very unique children with different talents and learning needs, allowing her to also understand the education business from a parent's perspective. Now a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, Isabelle aims to help everyone be the best that they can be.

Our Team

We are a team of:

Passionate Educators

with over 10 years of experience with the Ministry of Education

Technical Experts

focused on digital technology and platform management to help you and your business go further

Creative Marketers

specialised in integrated communications

Our Vision

Leading the ecology of Learners and Partners.

Our Mission

Our Values


We believe in success through constant innovation and adaptation

Nurturing Diversity

We believe that everyone is different and all have talents. We are committed to providing the support they need to grow these talents


We believe in open dialogue; listening and understanding

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