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Therefore, we have created 14 specific directories according to the unique Multiple Intelligences make up of an individual.

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We believe in the saying, 'Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow'. Therefore, we have created special virtual badges for all our members to signify your growth in learning!

  • Acorn Contributor
    0 - 50 Points
  • Seedling Contributor
    51 - 149 Points
  • Young Oak Contributor
    150 - 299 Points
  • Mighty Oak Contributor
    > 300Points
  • Trailblazer
    First Review on Schools

Like a seedling who has yet to discover his or her talent, we hope that every step and action you take on gives you powerful insights and motivation to nurture and fuel your talent to a greater height!

We award points to recognize your contribution and effort!

Why have badges?

Badge holders can redeem points for deals and even free trial lessons sponsored by our school partners.

How to earn points for these badges?

Please see below how you can earn your points towards badges and redemption! What’s so good about them is that these membership points will never expire!

Action by Member Points
Leave comment on Catalyst Library articles 5 points
Earn Trailblazer Award for being first reviewer of a school 10 points
Subscribe to our newsletter for latest updates 15 points
Take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz in your dashboard & share with friends 20 points
Member’s Birthday Gift 20 points
Complete reviews for a school 50 points

Promotion Bonus Points

In addition to earning rewards points as you progress and own the membership badges, we give you additional bonus points when you are promoted to the next badge!

From Acorn to Seedling – Receive 10 Gift Points From Seedling to Young Oak – Receive 20 Gift Points From Young Oak to Mighty Oak – Receive 30 Gift Points

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