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    Special needs schools have resources to teach young children and youths who are cognitive & learning challenged, emotionally & behaviorally challenged, physically challenged or gifted. Early intervention is needed. Act today. VIEW DIRECTORY
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Choosing the right preschool or kindergarten in Singapore is crucial as this would establish the right foundation for your young ones today. Here at actualyse.com, we understand the many worries and concerns that parents would face when enrolling their precious little ones into their first preschools. Rest assured that we would have already qualified these schools under our listings so your child would be left in good hands, providing a full or half day enriching curriculum that will nurture your little ones in terms of their cognitive and social development. We specifically scrutinise our infant care centres and schools to offer the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness as we know that young infants are very prone to virus and diseases. We certainly do not want any of the infants enrolled to face such an issue.

  • Age Group for Infant Care Centres/Schools would range from : 2 months to 18 months
  • Age Group for Preschools and kindergarten would range from : 3 to 6 years old

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Student care centres in Singapore are highly demanded by busy working parents. Services provided range from childcare to fetching the child to and from school, to supervising homework and studies.

Interested parents who do not have the time to manually visit and qualify the vast number of child care centres in Singapore will find our listings a convenient solution. With our powerful filtering and shortlisting functions, you can search for your ideal student care centres by filtering the locations, fees and services that best fit your needs.

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Special Education Schools in Singapore support young children and adults at the top 5% and bottom 5% of the population. May it be gifted children or children with cognitive, emotional or physical learning challenges, they require special support so that these children will not be left frustrated. As Singapore becomes a more inclusive society, a proper training and guidance will help your child gain independence.

In actualyse.com, we understand that a reliable school is so crucial in supporting the learning needs of our young ones. We have taken into consideration your concerns in terms of transport, school fees, curriculum, and even the proper resources that the school should have when we qualify the schools in our listings. Browse through our listings and get in touch with the schools directly for further queries. You may do a site visit at your shortlisted schools to understand your options better before enrolling your child in one of them.

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International Schools in Singapore are offering students an opportunity to drop the "British" culture of taking the GCE examinations and go "Swiss". IB in short for International Baccalaureate, allows students to take arts, science, and even philosophy modules leading up to their own examinations. Some terms you will often see all over the net would be PYP, MYP, and even DP or CP.

PYP: Primary Years Programme ranges anywhere from 3 - 12 years old. Parents will see that their children establish social etiquettes and foundation to how they should organise and express themselves politely if they want something, or how the world works.

MYP: Middle Years Programme from ages 11 - 16 years old. During this phase of the IB programme, as Children are entering into their teenage years, they will be exposed to relationships and identities on the social aspect, ground breaking innovations going around the world, sustainability and globalization or even fairness and development. With the completion of MYP, these growing young adults (16 - 19 years old) will be given an opportunity to choose between DP - Diploma Programme, or CP - Career-related Programme.

IBDP: In the IB Diploma programme, students will be given the chance to pick up new languages, literature, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay writing (EE), Creative Activity and Services (CAS). On the other hand, in IBCP, career-related modules will be taught across all professions, vocations, and technical qualifications. Students will go through a Personal & Professional skills course, and service learning to well-equip and prepare them to enter the workforce.

If you are a keen parent or student, please contact the schools directly for further enquiries.

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Our listings of private schools in Singapore offer different courses catering to different age group. Hence contacting them would be advisable. These schools will conduct their own intake and enrolment exercises. Courses target primary school, secondary school or A-level aged students to prepare them for Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS). Please enquire directly with the schools for further information. The list of private schools found on actualyse.com have been qualified to be deemed reputable and trustworthy.

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Tertiary education or professional courses are usually taken up right after your child has completed his/her “O” Levels or “N” Levels. While some students may choose to further their education in Junior College in preparation for Universities, some may want to focus on specialized education or even professional courses that would further augment their skill sets, making them a greater asset to the workforce. Usually aged 17 and above, these students may opt for specialized education ranging from supply chain, logistics, music, management to even arts. Taking up a professional course in Singapore would help them land their dream job in Singapore.

Please browse through the many institutions and academies that we have qualified as credible and trustworthy. For further enquiries, please get in touch with the schools directly.

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Internships (Coming Soon!)

Internships in Singapore are highly competitive. They are highly sought for by many undergraduates and full time students from polytechnics, ITEs or even universities during their term breaks or holidays. Many students are expected to clock targeted internship hours with companies as a mandatory module for graduation. Undoubtedly, this will also provide these students an edge over competition and to get them ready for the workforce. Bagging internship experiences from a few companies would be advantageous for graduates. Good performers may even enjoy a full-time employment post reserved for him till his graduation.

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