7 Swimming Safety Rules Parents Must Know

Make these rules an absolute must so you can let your kids swim without worrying yourself too much.


Take this information seriously: According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are about 600 reported drowning cases of children below 15 years old.

Surprisingly, these fatal accidents happen in seemingly innocent settings like backyard barbecues or family outings. Learn the water-safety essentials below to keep you and your child on your safe toes before submerging in the pool or beach:

Rule #1 - Keep your eyes trained on your child

Lois Lee, an emergency-medicine specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, warns that, “young children can drown silently in as little as 25 seconds, even in the shallow end or in a baby pool.”

No matter how old your kid is, never tear your eyes away from them longer than a second, especially if they’re not experienced swimmers. Keeping them within eyesight can help you immediately sense if something is wrong.

Rule #2 - Store your phone away in a safe place

Your smartphone is one of the top distractors in this day and age. To eliminate the possibility of getting ‘drowned’ on social media while watching over your child, stow your phone away until your kid is safely out of the water. Neglecting to check on that Facebook notification can save your child’s life.

Rule #3 - Sign up your kids for swimming lessons

By signing up you child for swimming classes in Singapore, you are increasing their chances of surviving water-related accidents even when they grow as adults.

Rule #4 - Impose the buddy system

It’s recommended to pair your child with a trusted person (ex. friend or an older sibling), and explain that each of them is responsible for knowing where his or her ‘buddy’ is at all times. This buddy system is recommended because it adds an extra layer of protection for your child.

Rule #5 - Put someone you trust on lifeguard duty

Most resorts or beaches have designated lifeguards, but what about private pool parties? Everyone will want to have a safe and good time, so make sure you assign at least one parent (or you can also rotate ‘shifts’) to it on the edge keeping an eye on all of the children.  

Rule #6 - Run the rules with your child

Teach these five rules to your child way before you step out of the house: no running, no diving in the shallow end, no pushing people in, no pulling other kids under the water, and no swimming without adult supervision. Having these strict rules ingrained into your child’s brain and muscle memory can also help them make better decisions whenever they’re in a body of water.

Rule #7 - Learn basic CPR

Should there be an unfortunate event when you encounter a distressed swimmer, performing CPR first hand while waiting for the ambulance to arrive will greatly save someone’s life. If you’re untrained on CPR, do chest compressions (100 per minute), and skip rescue breathing, also known as mouth-to-mouth. Remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

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[Source: Parents]


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