3 Tactics to help Kids To Follow Road Rules

What happens when it all goes wrong? Allow these non-traditional, computer-generated imagery online games teach stubborn children about road safety.

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With Singapore Road Safety Council’s third year of promoting Road Safety Month (dubbed as Stop, Look, Wave), parents and non-parents alike are strongly urged to educate children about treading roads safely.

Unfortunately, no matter how many reminders some children (even adults!) are given, the road casualties in Singapore haven’t lessened. The year 2015 alone shot up to 20%, which makes road casualties an increasingly alarming matter.  

Which brings us to this brilliantly produced campaign-slash-online game: Tales of the Road.


In a report from the Daily Mail, it mentioned that UK’s Department of Transport carried out research that which showed that today’s children aged 6-11 were not taking notice of traditional campaigns, and needed to be ‘shocked’ with something more hard-hitting.

Check out these 3 highly amusing and addicting road safety games that can effectively paint a stubborn child a picture of what will happen when it all goes wrong. Click on the images to direct you to each game:

1. Stop, Look and Listen

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2. Be Bright, Be Seen

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3. Safer Place To Cross

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[Source: Tales of the Road]


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