Featured Blogger: Cindy Gan of The Hooting Post

Find out how Cindy Gan's simple Geocities blog evolved into a 'blogazine' which hosts helpful articles about good parenting.

If “Geocities” rings a bell, we probably belong in the same era!

I remember when I was about six, I sketched a children’s magazine from scratch, imagining how each page would be filled… from its child-friendly contents to the accompanying illustrations.

Over the years, I’ve gone on to pursue my career (in another niche) and it seems that my passion for writing has grown with time.


As you may have guessed, my very first blog was hosted on Geocities, and after several abandoned ones and tons of discipline, we managed to nurture The Hooting Post since 2012. It was also then when my career was at its peak (and notably busiest!) that the lifestyle blogazine was birthed. Writing was and still is, a special sanctuary for me to channel my energy to, and to take my mind off work and everything else.

The blogazine has since evolved to include articles revolving around parenting, food, activities, events and more! At that point, I was pregnant with Vera, my first born, and you could say that we were “expecting” 2 babies at the same time!

Vera, Cindy's first child

Writing keeps me sane amidst this challenging learning journey as parents. As a newly-promoted mum to 2 young ones, Vera (read her birth story here!) and Leroy (he gave me a scare 2 weeks before arriving on the dot, just like his sister!), the blogazine allows me to monument the positives and to grow this happiness bank, as my mama’s brain deteriorates. I’m determine to keep this blogazine updated so that our children can reminisce these moments when they’re older.

Hearing from readers propels me to work harder on keeping the blogazine going too. It’s a real honour to have parents emailing me or sending messages because they enjoyed reading our family travel experiences or quick and easy healthy recipes. It’s really surreal! And, I’m very thankful for these voices to know that I’m able to help others, especially first time parents, as parenting can sound like a daunting and uncertain chapter.

Harbouring my not-so-secret obsession to be a writer, The Hooting Post is fuelled by pure passion for writing and to give back to the community, one article at a time. We hope families enjoy reading what we put together just as we enjoyed piecing each article from the heart ☺


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