So You Want To Be An..... Architect

Does your child enjoy building blocks? Not to mention his obsession with drawing and sketching, playtime almost always results in crayons and pencils being strewn everywhere. If you answered yes, you may have a little architect on your hands.

Everyone needs a place to live, work, and play. This is made possible by the work of architects.

Imagine a house without windows or a mall without a car park. Where will we get fresh air, and what will happen to our cars when we shop?

Architects to the rescue! They combine art, science, technology, and environmental studies to design buildings for many different purposes. Did you know that architects also work in urban planning, furniture design, and sustainability? For instance, thanks to some very clever architects, some buildings can generate electricity through solar panels. Perfect for sunny Singapore!

Little Architects

From an early age, future architects may have started working on projects of their own. They start small with toy blocks, of course. Nurture aspiring architects by encouraging them to draw regularly. Take your child to an art class, for instance. This may help him to develop some artistic skills, which are important in architectural design.

…creating safe and healthy environments for people to live and work in. You’re making a difference in your own special way.

Architects in School

Since architecture is both an art and a science, one would need to study a variety of subjects to become a licensed architect. At the pre-university level, one could take classes like history, computer science, business, physics, mathematics (including geometry, algebra, calculus and trigonometry) and art (including drawing, photography, painting and sculpture).

In order to become an architect in Singapore, one is required to complete an architecture program that has been approved by the Board of Architects or Singapore Institute of Architects. A good starting point is the Diploma in Architecture course in Singapore Polytechnic. The National University of Singapore offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Architecture programme, with 4 specialisation tracks to choose from: Design Technology & Sustainability, Design, Landscape Architecture, or Urban Planning.

Architects at Work

Technical training comes hand-in-hand with practical experience. An internship lets aspiring architects train alongside experienced professionals. It is important to choose an architectural firm according to one's interests. This way your child will enjoy the internship and gain experience in his selected vocation.

American architect Enoch Sears says there are all sorts of architects. “Some architects design houses. Some design schools,” he said. “Some architects sit at a desk all day. Some architects are outside visiting construction sites. Some architects draw all day. Some architects never draw. And some architects do a little of everything.”

Whichever type of architect your child becomes, just remember that he will be creating safe and healthy environments for people to live and work in. He is making a difference in his own special way.


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