15 Desk Exercises Office Employees Can Try

Too busy to squeeze in time for a workout? Let these simple exercises burn unnecessary calories right at the comfort of your desk.


In a modern age where work-life integration is more doable than work-life balance, who has the time to regularly go to the gym and bust a killer workout?

While your job responsibilities can be overwhelming at times, it’s also important that working professionals must integrate healthy physical activities into their day-to-day routine. Moreover, moving and stretching your body releases endorphines and diminishes stress levels significantly.

According to a Times article, “New research has found that prolonged sitting is sabotaging your health and turning you into a 9-to-5 couch potato. One study last year found that sitting can increase your risk for cancer by more than 60%.” Sounds worrying? Get on your feet and do these simple desk exercises to get your blood pumping!


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[Source: Prevention]


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