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Brain Poke (Issue 5)
Music is the perfect platform to express your thoughts, feelings as well as emotions, giving you and others happiness. Discover your talent and express yourself like never before!
Brain Poke (Issue 8)
Like what the old adage says, "Age is just a number." The essence of life is to enjoy the ride while learning precious lessons in the process.
Brain Poke (Issue 2)
Still peeping through the curtain? While it is natural to feel nervous before a performance, picking up acting skills not only awakens the passion in you but also helps you overcome stage fright. Showcase your talent on stage! @ (link)
Brain Poke (Issue 10)
Performing each dance move requires an area estimation which helps you become spatially aware of the surroundings. Perfect every move with the help of trained dance instructors and master the dance style of your choice!
Brain Poke (Issue 30)
Happy Teacher's Day!
Brain Poke (Issue 29)
Happy Teacher's Day!
Brain Poke (Issue 28)
Happy Teacher's Day!
Brain Poke (Issue 27)
Ballet is a dance form that consists of special exercises called "barre" which helps to build poise and grace in your child. Make her dream of becoming a ballerina come true by finding her a right school on!
Brain Poke (Issue 26)
Every child has a curious mind that demands logical answers. Be patient in your explanation. Helping your child with a framework to think deeper will also help him in clarifying concepts.
Brain Poke (Issue 25)
Challenges are aplenty on our path to goals in life. Playing sports such as soccer will equip your child with the strong mindset and determination to conquer challenges in life. Find him a school today on! (link).
Brain Poke (Issue 1)
Styling up does wonders to a person's image, transforming a plain Jane into a beauty. When you look good, you feel good, increasing your self-esteem. Be transformed today!
Brain Poke (Issue 16)
Athletics helps to develop your dedication towards the sports and matters in your life from the robust training that it involves. Find a sports school today on!
Brain Poke (Issue 24)
Presentation of food is as essential as its taste. Culinary courses expose your child to good presentation delightful to the 5 senses. Help your little chef to perfect the art of cooking by finding her the right school on!
Brain Poke (Issue 23)
An inquisitive mind never ages with time. Rather, it stimulates the mind to keep you alert and mentally young. Enrich your child by finding him the right school on!
Brain Poke (Issue 22)
Cooking delicious food requires good chemistry - from identifying the right mix of spices and ingredients, to setting the right temperature to deliver the best food. Bond with your child and learn how flavours work together by signing up for a cooking course together! Search school on now!
Brain Poke (Issue 21)
Bored with the routine workout at gym? Dance your way to fitness with Zumba. It tones your body muscles and it is fun! Start your exhilarating zumba journey by finding a school on today!
Brain Poke (Issue 20)
Stress not only grips your mind but tighten your body as well. Relieve stress through fitness courses such as yoga. Loosen up today!
Brain Poke (Issue 18)
Becoming an athlete benefits more than body building. Athletics also hones your judgement on the time, space, speed and distance.
Brain Poke (Issue 19)
Playing sports together such as racquet sports establishes a partnership and silent coordination beyond words. Find a sports school today on!
Brain Poke (Issue 17)
Gymnastics training develops flexibility in your child's body through the exercises that require extreme strength and posture control.
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