A career in the beauty industry is rewarding as it is a thriving sector. Every one wants to look good! There are a few good reasons why one should take beauty therapy courses - new beauty treatments and advanced technologies are always being developed and more beauty services are being offered in the market, increasing the demand for skilled beauticians, beauty clinicians and beauty therapists.

Possible career prospects include being a beauty therapist, masseuse, make-up artist, skin clinician (skin care specialist), hair stylist and even a salon manager at a beauty shop or hair salon. Beauty therapy courses teach students how to perform proper manicure, pedicure, sun tanning, hair removal (using wax), and facial treatments (facials). Earning a diploma in beauty therapy is easy in Singapore; simply enroll at a beauty school in Singapore such as Cosmoprof Academy, Top to Toe College of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, School of the Healing Arts (SOHA), and ICN Academy to start.

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