For many decades, being a professional tattoo artist has long been viewed as a mystery and a taboo. Tattoos are fascinating to begin with, with the tattoos illustrating a story or two, reflecting the personality of the bearer. Now, tattooing has become more accepted by the mainstream culture, and is now regarded less as a symbol of rebel and more as a form of art. Tattoos are also similar to body painting (body art) and face painting.

One of the oldest ways to become a professional tattoo artist is to be a tattoo apprentice where the student understudy a veteran tattoo artist in a reputable tattoo shop. Alternatively, you can enrol in an established tattoo artist school. Tattoo artist schools in Singapore like Exotic Tattoos & Piercing, Ink-Credible, and Familiar Strangers Tattoo Studio offer professional courses in tattoo artistry. These schools usually will teach students how to apply a safe, clean tattoo fonts as a form of artistic expression. At the end of the course, the students will have assembled their own tattoo machine, learnt how to set up and clean up their tattoo work station, worked with live clients and designed their own tattoo portfolio.

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