Among many works of art that can be done to human skin, body piercing is one of the popular ones. The body piercing industry is highly profitable. Truly, a lot of professionals such as beauty therapists and tattooists have already benefited from this thriving business, which requires surprisingly low capital and maintenance cost, and yet yields high profitability. However, this type of body modification should be performed only by a professional piercer.

Aspiring professional piercers are highly encouraged to attend a reputable training seminar of four days or longer at a reputable piercing school. A good body piercing course should combine lectures on anatomy, safety, hygiene, techniques, with hands-on piercing experience, so that the nose piercing, naval piercing, tragus piercing, or ear piercing can be carried out with little discomfort felt by their future clients. A work not done well will cause infection and possibly damage the self-esteem of the clients. Established piercing schools include Primitive Art Piercing & Tattoo, Stege Gallery, and Exotic Tattoos & Training Centre.

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