Exposing your kids to children art at a young age cements their creative know-how. Regardless if it is abstract art or concrete art and craft, activities for kids can be contemporary art or modern art. Enrolling kids into arts and crafts or art classes for kids gives your children the freedom of creating their own art. Toddlers or kids' drawing in art classes or drawing classes for kids can spark art ideas. Many of the movements involved in creating art, like gripping a paint brush or scribbling with an oil crayon, are essential to the growth of gross and fine motor skills in children. In addition, critical-solving and creative-thinking skills are sharpened. This is because the experience of making decisions and choices in the course of art creation carries over into their adults' lives.

Art schools for kids in Singapore have continuously gained popularity especially in the recent years. Among them are Artz Graine, Little Artists Art Studio, Heguru, Rush-Me-Not Art Studio, Artary, Abrakadoodle Art Studio and Studio Haroobee in Esplanade. These art specialised schools for kids teach children drawing, sculpting with clay and threading beads on a string to help them develop visual-spatial and motor skills.

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