Basic computer knowledge dictates that to fully utilise a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, it must be installed with computer applications that support the users' needs. Some programmes and softwares have social network applications that cater to advanced software multimedia. Hence, interactive digital media must possess equipment such as containers, splitters‎, and media players to make it an effective medium.

Taking formal computer courses is a wise step in advancing into the digital times. Performing typical computer tasks like creating Word files and Excel spreadsheets, managing images and data using Adobe Flash, using the Internet and web design programs, and churning out substantial documents using desktop softwares are now just the basics. You will need to leverage on community building softwares with APIs to say Facebook or your CRM/ ERP sytems such as Salesforce, and quick-response tools such as Zendesk to support increasingly impatient and demanding online customers.

Computer application softwares are taught in reputable institutions in Singapore like Mages, G-Tec Computer Education Sister, NTUC Learning Hub, Singapore Polytechnic, and BMC International College.

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