According to Wikipedia, darkroom manipulation is a classic method of manipulating negatives in chemicals without the use of computers to prepare the photographs. The application of darkroom techniques usually produce black-and-white photos that are perfect for black-and-white photography. Printing, enlarging, and mounting pictures might be difficult to do when doing darkroom developing, as it follows traditional photographic processes without the aid of Adobe Photoshop. With the popularity of Polaroid camaras and digital photography in last two decades, very few people except for the professionals use the traditional negative-based photography.

In Leica Akademie, an analog photography workshop from camera giant Leica, you will learn how to process and print images created with B&W film. You will also learn basic darkroom techniques including dodging, burning, and masking. The workshop is conducted by Mathias Heng, who has worked exclusively with Leica cameras and B&W film for a large part of his career. Other schools that offer darkroom technique workshops in Singapore are Asheville Photography, NAFA, International Center of Photography and House of Photography.

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