Many traditionally trained artists like art painters are now rapidly moving to the digital side, which is known as graphic design. From 3D modeling, pixel art, to vector graphics, being a graphic designer or digital illustrator have the most in-demand and lucrative jobs in the market. A digital illustrator can rake up as high as $38,000 a year, depending on the person’s skill level and experience. Indeed, using digital illustration to illustrate a client’s vision for their brand ups the level more than drawing, engraving, etching sketching, and painting on physical canvas. Graphic novels in particular has reached wider markets in the young adult and adult markets. Graphic novelists and concept artists who create this type of visual novels usually use ink pen or digital pen, but some are still purists who use a ballpoint pen, as well as calligraphy pens, Parker pens, or gel pens. Pen drawings are usually done in special printmaking tools such as Intaglio, Linocut, and Woodcut.

Aside from corporate graphic designing, being a children’s book illustrator is also a good artistic endeavor. Drawing or learning how to paint art or how to draw an illustration that would cater to children’s interests poses quite a challenge, but also a rewarding one. Hand drawing is still recognised as a method to draw online because line drawing are available for those who want to pursue this type of art and it is often deemed as 'cute'. You can also paint online using a digital sketchpad, a drawing app, or some painting apps to create an online drawing. More popular software includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel Draw, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Painter. Those who wish to test their drawing and illustration skills can start enrolling in short courses for Classical Realism SG, Little Artists Art Studio, or ACAS.

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