A creative skill that a design student can acquire is drawing graphics. Take a look at cartoon drawings, or watch artist's sketch or draw online to get an idea. You can also watch this popular scene in the movie Titanic where Jack Dawson whips out a used charcoal and curates a life drawing for his love interest, Rose. It is quite impressive because what the actor did was to do an on-the-spot figure nude drawing without modern artist luxuries like pencils, a pen, ink, crayons, chalk, pastels, erasers, markers, and styluses to boost creativity.

Whether you’re a newbie or pro drawer, engaging in drawing and sketching is a highly therapeutic activity, in addition to the laying of foundation for any visual art. Through lines and tones, solidity and depth are achieved in drawing, bringing three-dimensional forms on a piece of paper to life. Also, sketching and drawing encourage patience, mental alertness and perseverance. Arthaus, Artbrella, and Drawing Right are just some of the good workshop centres in Singapore where aspiring artists can start practising the craft.

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