Clothes can be accentuated with fashion accessories to bring out the outfit. That being said, the fashion accessories market indeed has experienced major growth over the past decades, from swanky labels to luxury sports brands pushing the boundaries of materials using today’s advanced technology. There is undoubtedly a huge demand for young, driven, and creative accessory designer graduates, who can understand the cultural and the technological aspects of fashion accessory designing.

Taking up a course in fashion accessory designing explores the glittering world of fashion through the lens of a creative product designer, giving the student a chance to study new market opportunities such as new technologies, sustainability and digital manufacture. Also, students will develop research and development skills for unique accessory designs, as well as acquire the skill to study markets, consumers, methods, and materials. Experimenting with digital print design, laser cutting, digital embroidery and 3D prototyping will facilitate the creation of necklace designs, as well as patterns for ties, hats , bonnets, belts, suspenders, gloves, ear muffs, sashes, shawls, scarves, socks, stockings, and bags. Aspiring accessory designers in Singapore can try enrolling at specialised schools like The Academy of Fashion Professions (TAFP), MDIS School of Fashion and Design, and LASALLE College of the arts.

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