A fashion model is the best friend of a fashion designer. When a fashion designer finishes creating a fashion line, he will market them using fashion models (male models, plus size models etc) to show off the clothes. Runway modelling involves using supermodels to wear the newly-created fashion. Doing so allows the public to see how a particular clothing style looks, which can help pique audience interest. Other perks of being a fashion model is to be featured in magazines and print advertisements, as well as on TV and the Internet.

One of the critical requirements of being a fashion model is to have a love for fashion. Aspiring fashion modeling students should not only be interested in fashion; they should breathe and live for fashion. For a model wannabe to be considered for entry into a modeling school, he must present his portfolio of headshots and composite cards (comp cards).

Mannequin Studio, Carrie Models by Dick Lee, Jeffrey Chung Models, and Shine Models & Talent Agence are just some of the good fashion modelling institutions in Singapore that anyone with a passion for modelling can enroll into.

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