Furniture designing has evolved across time as real estate rapidly changes. Because of the differing tastes and preferences of homeowners, creating new furniture styles is often seen as a type of industrial art form because it demands style, creativity, and usability. Some classic styles have remained constant throughout the years, while others have dramatically changed or become obsolete. When an interior designer conceptualises a fitting interior design for a client, it is always important to consider the furniture design. Believe it or not, a simple sofa set, texture and upholstery make huge differences in the bigger picture.

Each new furniture concept starts with a basic idea. The furniture designer’s job is to create a storyboard using either traditional (paper) and modern (computer) methods. To get an idea where to find your ideal furniture designer, peek through the The Furniture Design Award (FDA) winners. Popular favourites include Lush Furniture, Space Furniture, Danish Design Co, BoConcept, and Comfort Furniture, among others.

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