For artists who enjoy playing with color, shape and specific visual effects to captivate consumers’ attention, graphic design is the perfect industry for them to be in. Commercial brands are always brainstorming with ideas on how to best communicate their brand to their target market; and graphic designers are usually tasked to design visually impactful graphics, logos, and icons among other visual tools to grab people's attention. In this modern age, it is important for aspiring graphic designers to professionally educate themselves with Adobe Illustrator, as well as the use of vector images, vector graphics, 2D illustration and 3D imaging software that are currently being used.

The visual art of graphic designing, while mostly a creative pursuit, is also a technical one. One must be well-versed with technical aspects such as the difference of a DPI from a PPI, or what’s the best typography to go with the design. Fortunately, there are a lot of schools in Singapore that offer courses in graphic or web design. Popular institutions include Orita Sinclair School of Design, First Media Design, CMA School of Communication Design, and Beacon International College.

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