Personal grooming is primarily about presenting oneself in the best possible way. For prominent figures like celebrities and politicians, hiring a personal groomer is a norm (includes hygiene work). Groomers ensure that their clients' image is as clean-cut as possible; they comb, groom, sometimes do their client’s make-up, tidy-up their attire (suit, tie or dress), or iron their outfit for an interview or appearance.

You can also enroll at a personal grooming course for yourself because projecting a sharp professional image representing your company is vital for your personal career success. Before selling a service or product, it is important to sell yourself first because first impressions always last. Going for personal grooming course will also help you sharpen your non-verbal communication and body language. Check out Imago Image, Gen-Y®, Image & You, Style Coaching, Divine Image International, and Mirror Image academy for personal grooming courses in Singapore.

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