Having a house to call home is made better by a professional interior designer who can enhance the indoor and outdoor surroundings to make into an abode. While there are a lot of living room designs and home decor and interior design ideas you can find at Pinterest, a professional interior designer will make a marked difference to your living space. For example, a good bedroom design must invoke a tranquil and relaxing space, or the home design must exude a homey vibe personalised for the owners to come home to. Going for a minimalist interior design in modern times is almost always a safe bet, as it usually fits to most homeowner preferences.

If you are on the lookout for a good interior designer in Singapore, you can check out EightyTwo, Fuse Concept, or Project File. Others also recommend Carpenters Design Group, NorthWest Interior Design, Darwin Interior, and the Orange Club. Coincidentally, these top interior design firms employ graduates from NAFA and LASALLE College of the Arts who hold Diploma in Interior Design.

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