Possessing the passion for crafting beautiful jewellery make good jewellery designers. Studying jewellery-making is more than simply weaving gems and knots into a wire wrapping. It is learning the techniques of illustrating fashion jewellery, understanding the ever-changing trends in fashion history and styling of jewellery, and creating exciting personal ornamental pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, pearls, and earrings.

After earning a diploma or degree, graduates of jewellery design could pursue their careers in the gem and jewellery industry as freelance jewellers, jewelry manufacturers, chainmaille entrepreneurs or jewelry retailers. One of the favourite jewellery design institutions in Singapore is Jewellery Design and Management International School. JDMIS courses are modular and can be taken individually; students can combine these skills to receive a diploma certification once they complete the course. Other options include NAFA and Raffles Education.

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