Knitting may just look like a nice, quiet activity but not many know that it has great health benefits for those who engage in it. It is also a powerful distraction, significantly helping people manage long-term physical pain. For those who are depressed, crocheting can lift up their spirits. One interesting study, called “The Benefits of Knitting for Personal and Social Wellbeing in Adulthood” found that knitting or crocheting with a group significantly increase perceived happiness, improved social contact, and increase communication with others.

While there are quite a number of crochet classes available online, we will encourage you to take a physical class where you can interact with fellow students. Not only will you learn how to create beautifully intricate crochet patterns and knitting patterns using yarn/wool, you will also foster a sense of belongingness with other students. You can find good crochet or knitting classes in Singapore at Wish I Were Stiching, WondersKnit, and Sewinlove to experience this therapeutic activity.

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