The key to a well-taken landscape or travel photo begins with a passion for the great outdoors. More often than not, landscape photography and travel photography can be a challenge to master because it involves having the knack for both creativity and technical know-how. While some may easily grasp the technical side of the art, other newbie photographers pick up post-processing in Adobe Photoshop more quickly. Landscape photography is also linked to travel photography, nature photography, and documentary photography because it showcases the big picture of a place or setting. Wanderlusts who are constantly touring around the globe are recommended to take landscape photography lessons to properly document their voyages.

There are great landscape photos you can take inspiration from. National Geographic, for example, hosts a myriad of landscape and travel photos from their in-house photographers, as well as contributions from freelance ones. Popular travel photographers include Palani Mohan (Hong Kong), Michel Figuet (Paris), and Caroline Addison (US). According to these photo geniuses, the best landscape subjects are flowing water, Northern Light (Aurora Borealis), Iceland, Alaska, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, deserts, mountains, seacoasts, plains, and prairies. These subjects are great so start with in pursuing landscape or travel photography.

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