Nail care specialists, or more popularly known as manicurists and pedicurists, are experts in the business of nails. Professional nail technicians usually build their business on referrals and positive word of mouth because of the quality, cleanliness, and attention given in their work. Also, inculcating strong customer relationship is at the heart of any manicurist because customer retention is the key to their survival in the long term.

Apart from performing nail care on their clients, nail specialists are also experts in nail art, whether it is for toenails or fingernails. Recently, gel manicure and pedicure have gained popularity in the last few years compared to the classic French manicure. This type of service may cost more than the regular nail services, but it lasts longer on nails. Sometimes, clients would bring their own bottles of nail polish, usually from good brands like Sally Hansen and OPI. Those who are looking for jobs as a manicurist can enroll themselves first at special schools in Singapore like School of Nail Art Singapore (SONA), Pink Room, and Aesthetics International Academy.

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