While some are lucky to have parents, relatives, or friends who can teach them private driving lessons, it is still highly recommended to get professional driving lessons when learning to drive a car or any vehicle. An auto car with automatic transmission is easier to master compared to a manual car, but it is still best to go through a systematic system of lessons. With the help of a professional private driving instructor, you will get your Class 3 licence easily. If you are a qualified driver who has not driven for some time, it is advisable to take a refresher driving course or a crash course to refresh driving skills.

Aspiring car drivers have to have these prerequisites before obtaining a professional driver’s licence: Class 3 / 3A students may need more than 25 practical lessons to complete their course, while Class 2B students must acquire more than 15 practical lessons. On the other hand, Class 2A / 2 students may need more than 3 practical classes to complete the course. Once you acquire a licence, you can now drive your Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru, or Honda car with ease and confidence.

You must pass both Basic Theory Test (BTT) and Final Theory Test (FTT) for Driving too. You can practise and earn your driving license at accredited driving schools in Singapore like ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, Singapore Safety Driving Centre, Bukit Batok Driving Centre and Woodlands Driving School.

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