Soaring through the clouds in an aeroplane is always an elating feeling for many, which is why a lot of people aspire to be a pilot at some point in their lives. The aviation industry makes it possible for budding pilots to learn to fly an aircraft. By incorporating basic pilot training with specific airline requirements, student pilots usually have the privileged advantage of being trained at professional airline standard. Multi-crew cooperation, advanced jet orientation and line oriented flight training will all also be learned aside from knowing how to fly planes. It is a huge responsibility to carry hundreds of passengers in a commercial, private, or government-owned airplane, so it is extremely important to equip oneself with all the required skills and knowledge.

Obtaining a private pilot licence (PPL) or CPL may be a long process, but a very rewarding one when attained. One of the test item in the PPL exam is to work a flight tracker, flight radar or a flight simulator. Students will also be schooled on aircraft types such as Boeing and Airbus. Flying schools in Singapore school include Singapore Flying College, Singapore Aviation Academy, and Seletar Flying Club.

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