While there are a number of online tutorials on how to become a professional photographer without going to school, it is best to go on an accredited photography school where veteran photographers are able to teach budding shutterbugs the foundation of the art systematically. Fun and lucrative looking at the surface, the job in reality requires a lot of pratice and trials before you can succeed in the photography profession.

Many brands can attest that using professional and high-quality photos significantly help their product and/or service stand out from the competition. Professionally-taken pictures impress existing and future clients. Indeed, hiring a professional photographer who can display your products in the best way possible is integral to influencing your customers' buying decision. For example, Ejun Low Photography is a Singapore-based professional portrait photographer who specialises in corporate and lifestyle photography. He has proven to be one of the most sought-after photographers in Singapore because his photographs have always brought remarkable sales.

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