The implementation of road safety rules is to protect and secure those who who travel on roads. It tackles all areas from pedestrians to animal-drawn vehicles and from two-wheelers to all types of multi-wheel vehicles. Road safety can be judged from the fact that out of total reported accidents, 42% involve pedestrians one way or the other. This disturbing trend can be prevented by creating a public awareness on pedestrian safety through workshops and seminars through lessons in their school syllabus. Indeed, being aware about traffic lights, road signs and other rules are valuable additions that can contribute significantly to any functioning society with car owners, cyclists, and basically people using roads.

Road management in Singapore is a huge responsibility under the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Traffic Police (TP). While LTA provides road related facilities for road users and ensures the safety of vehicles, TP is responsible for enforcing traffic regulations, publicity, and education. It is also the role of the Singapore Road Safety Council to improve safety on roads by inculcating good safety practices among all road users across the country.

Take a ride on a go-kart on the roads or pretend play as a pedestrian at the Road Safety Community Park at East Coast Park! Mainly hosting traffic games for local public schools and institutions in Singapore, the park offers kids a valuable opportunity for children to learn about proper road safety from a young age.

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