Studio photography conjures the image of a family photo studio in Singapore, or even a graduation photo studio in Singapore. But there is more to it with just simply snapping something in still life. Budding photographers must first understand that there are two types of light in studio photography for them to succeed in their photo studio business: hard or harsh light, and soft or diffused light. With a hard light, it will cast deep shadows with well-defined edges, similar to a high mid-day sun. Soft light, on the other hand, casts softer shadows with less defined edges. That’s because the light is bounced and diffused in different directions and is spilling into the shadows, so the size of the light becomes much larger. Knowing and applying basic photography tips like such are keys to a successful photo studio.

Possessing and being well-versed in photo equipment know-how is essential. Like the grip support to hold the camera and which right lighting equipment to use in different situations, studio photography know-how requires professional training. In Singapore, there are a lot of good photography studios such as The Beautybox Studio, Littelones Photogrpahy, and The Studio Loft that you can try out and observe to get inspiration.

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