Web design, though technical in reality, can be related to communication arts. A website builder, professional web designer, or freelance web designer strives to design a website with the best User Experience UX for the clients according to the their needs, creative preferences and corporate branding.

A web design company’s job is to assign a good sitebuilder to design website that will be user-friendly and visually appealing. Also, they must have a good website design server that would cater to scripting and heavy web server demands. While there is a wealth of tutorials on the Internet or Intranet when you google ‘how to create a website,’ ‘www,’ or ‘how to create your own website,’ creating a website with a free website maker such as WIX will not achieve the quality that you need to stand out.

To programme a website from scratch, you need to decide on the front-end and back-end web development and web programming languages, depending on the complexity and purpose of the website. Frontend is usually CSS or Javascript, but backend programming can be as simple as WordPress, or as complex as Dot Net, C or C Sharp Programming. With the increasing demand for online shopping or e-commerce, understanding how to weave this into the program is of utmost strategic importance.

If you really want to learn how to design a website or make a website, it is recommended to take a professional course. Using WordPress to do a website is the easiest. Other programming language such as .NET (dot net) and C Sharp programming would require professional learning.

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