A union of two individuals in-love is one of the most memorable days of the couple, an event that people will want to remember for years to come. That is why wedding photography is a lucrative business. It calls for a very specialized type of photography, involving taking photographs of wedding ceremonies and its participants, as well as dramatic shots of the wedding gowns and happy people. Do note that most professional photographers know that there is much more to this endeavour than simply snapping a few good photos.

Believe it or not, the number of marriage photos taken at a normal wedding is astonishing, the most important pictures being those that feature the bride and groom, and then followed by the rest of the wedding attendees. While subjects in many of these photos are usually carefully posed, candid shots hold the most favourite of many. Unexpected shots like these are almost always the most treasured. Modern wedding photography require fast turnaround to allow the best day photos to be showcased during the dinner banquets.

In Singapore, the top 10 wedding photographers in Singapore include Simplifai Studios, Bloc Memoire, Multifolds, Bobby Kiran Photography, and Luvescape. The other half of the best photography teams who produce fantastic wedding photos and are good at pre wedding photography are Colliding Luster, ,Said & Meant, Ksana, Smitten Pixels, and Bittersweet Photography.

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