There are a lot of definitions for nature photography, but veteran photographer Glenn Bartley’s definition of it strikes a chord in many aspiring wildlife photographers. He said that 'the joy of viewing a beautiful flower through the viewfinder, the inspiration of a majestic scene coming into focus, the emotional connection made when the eyes of the subject make contact with mine through a telephoto lens are what makes nature photography great'. He also adds that for those brief periods of time behind the camera, when life’s trials and tribulations give way to something more fundamentally significant, it matters not where he is or how the subject got there. Indeed, engaging in wildlife photography is one of the most rewarding creative endeavours one can take part in.

Bird watching is an especially fond activity by nature lovers. Take a peek at the Singapore bird photography forum and you’ll spot a lot of wildlife enthusiasts you could interact with. You will also likely see that they are members of Nature Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS Singapore) and Nature Society Singapore (NSS). These members talk at the forum and share nature photography tips with each other.

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