First spoken during the medieval times in England, the English language now the official language in almost 60 sovereign states. It is widely spoken mainly in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. Usually the default language when speaking to people from a different country, an English conversation is most likely to take place.

Language acquisition generally follows the order of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Most languages have their unique phonetic system, and the written system comes with rules and ornaments, just like how the English language has grammar, tenses, adjectives to describe nouns, adverbs to describe verbs. Linguistic people will usually master the langaugage quickly to embrace literature and poems, enjoying the playing of words, and in debates.

English is the most spoken language in Singapore and is one of Singapore's official languages. English is an important component in Singapore's national exams including PSLE English, GCE O Level English and General Paper (GP) in Junior College GCE A Level exams in Singapore.

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