Communicating with children entails understanding their cognitive and affective development to deliver messages and concepts in bite-sized and scaffolding manner so that their young minds can understand you. Parenthood is not easy hence, because most adults have forgotten how they used to learn as children. Young parents are not trained in child development and have to rely heavily on websites, books, friends and family members to learn how to effecitvely communicate with their children, toddlers and babies.

Eye contact is foremost important when speaking to children, as research has shown that children will only exercise active listening if you look into their eyes as you speak to them. This visual love language indirectly builds parent-child relationship and the bond is enduring. Regardless of your different parenting styles, the loving eye-lock holds key to building confidence and security in your children, so that they will grow up to be confident adults.

The Open Centre has programmes specifically designed to build resilient children.

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