Social media is pervasive - most people on Earth congregate on at least one social media platform every day, social networking with their friends and fans, and even potential business associates. They love tagging their facebook friends, private message (PM) them and share their daily lives and events with them. Are you being 'followed'?

The most popular social networking sites are Facebook (Fb), Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. China has their own versions to the international brands, such as Tudou, Youku, Weixin (wechat by Tencent) and Weibo. They have social media mobile apps too to leverage on the rising people on the move.

The overwhelming number of people on social media is a natural magnet for social media advertisers. Social Media Agencies sprout everywhere to help companies in digital marketing. They help plan, implement social media strategies such as implementing facebook marketing campaign, social media scanning and harvest insights through soical media stateistics and social media monitoring tools.

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