Teamwork is a cherished skill by moden day employers, as project work and flat corporate hierarchy sees everyone putting their best skills together for the best fusion of ideas and execution. As such, team building skill is essential for any companies serious in promoting team work. Many MNCs would usually have yearly retreats to build teams and to review their yearly strategies.

There are many team building games and teambuilding activities that help to build team work and team bonding. Teams will enjoy games such as outdoor challenging activities, where trust between colleagues are built through the activities. In the absence of work and pent-up frustrations that is often associated with work, having team building exercises in a totally different environment allows people to see their colleagues in different light. Coriander Leaf and Castles can Fly have teambuilding activities to bring people together. For children, The Little Things and Kit Lab & Studio have fun activities to help children bond together.

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