Aside from being a fun activity, playing board games trains the mind to think strategically with a focus. Among the few favourites around the world are Acquire (created by Sid Sackson in 1962), Diplomacy (Allan B. Calhamer in 1954) and Entropy (Eric Solomon in 1977). Chess or Chinese Chess are classic board games that are still popular to this day. Games with similar mechanics with chess are Go, Draughts, Powergrid and Checkers, to name a few. The popular mahjong is also a board game many Chinese adults enjoy. Card games are also considered an enjoyable pastime for both solo, pair or group players. Uno, for one, has many varieties for kids and kids-at heart. Other equally popular card games include Bridge, Hearts and most especially, Poker.

Those who are drawn to the literary side of things will enjoy puzzle games, memory games and word games like crossword, jigsaw, Scrabble, Snatch, Intelligence, Countdown and Anagram. These types of games would be best played with dictionary on hand just in case you encounter new words or phrases while playing. Rubik’s Cube (fashioned similar to a boxed robot or like one of those unique machines and robotics) adds a twist to the usual puzzle game.

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