Math in secondary 1 and 2 becomes progressively advanced. Algebra, for example, involves geometry, graphs, functions, statistics, probability, ratio, matrix, vectors, and probability among others. Need a tool to help your child cope with difficult simultaneous equations? You can get him or her an algebra calculator, for a start. Trigonometry is another branch of math that is tackled in higher levels of education. Trigonometry formulas, as well as logarithmic and exponential problems make up of elements like differentiation and integration. Calculus, on the other hand, may require sampling the correlation, hypothesis or regression in a problem.

The students will decide at the end of Secondary 2 if they would like to take Additional Math (A Math) in addition to Elementary Math (E Math) in Secondary 3 and 4. Taking both E Math and A Math at the end of GCE O Levels offer the students a choice of grade score to calculate towards polytechnic or Junior College entry.

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