Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are some of the most world-famous pianists in the world. It simply shows that from the early 1800s to the present, the piano remains one of the most played and recognised musical instruments. Modern popular pianists include Richard Clayderman and The Piano Guys.

Another percussion instrument, the accordion, played by a seasoned accordionist, usually performs alongside a musical chorus. On a similar note, a harmonium is mostly known for expanding bellows and reeds to create a more solid sound.

Classical pianists who play piano scores such as Moonlight Sonata can also try playing a jazz piano. Reading jazz chords by a legitimate jazz band usually plays trendy, contemporary jazz, pops, popular jazz, or smooth jazz music. By top jazz standard, the best jazz songs are either performed solo or in an arranged ensemble. Pianist-wannabes can start getting a basic piano keyboard or key board piano, which has complete piano keys. Unlike the electric piano with an electric keyboard, the music keyboard or keyboard music have only limited keys which makes the pianist limit its ability to press certain piano key notes. Contemporary rock bands nowadays use a digital piano or organ with an electone and synthesizers to give the sound a little modern sound.

Whether it is for piano play or music piano, a pianist is deemed a prodigy if he reads piano notes effortlessly before he actually learns piano formally. In recent years, Suzuki piano learning is a growing trend, where the belief is that all people can learn from the environment and that the goal of musical education is to build 'noble hearts'. The focus is to create the right environment for learning music.

Relaxing piano music is often played in spas and hotel lobbies to give the space a luxurious and relaxing vibe. Contrary to typical notion, pop piano also appears in piano music sheets for the younger generation to learn.

Do you know that the piano is a hybrid instrument of percussion and string? Go to any Kawai or Yamaha piano showroom and you can see and admire the wire strings within the grand pianos as you play the key board. Because of the use of strings where length can be varied, the piano can produce half notes such as sharps # and flats # effortlessly, giving rise to many major and minors scales and keys.

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