Understanding music or having awareness of music are two different things, but budding musicians are expected to at least appreciate music if they aspire to make it big in this highly competitive and creative industry. Studying musicology or music tackles subjects such as music theory, different music periods in the music era, and music history. It is also important that they have a vast knowledge about various musical styles and genres so they can distinguish different elements of music of varying musical forms and from different era.

If your child enjoys music, you can enrol him in a reputable school of music or specialised music school to start his music appreciation journey. If he shows a higher aptitude as he is being trained, you can further his learning by providing him in a formal music education with graded ABRSM exams. This will help him build a strong foundation in music. While he is being trained towards getting a Diploma in Music, he must actively participate and appreciate different music genres so as to cultivate a good ear and an appreciation for music.

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