Music chart-toppers and today’s hit songs are musical treasures produced by brilliant music production teams. Each song is the fruit of careful sound recording, mixing, audio mastering and orchestration of plugins, acoustics, midi equalization, digital audio, microphones and equalizers. A record producer’s job is to make sure that the overall music processing that is done on the soundboard with brands like Cubase, Steinberg, CakeWalk - SONAR, Reason, Pro Tools, and FL Studio make a good music sampler which is good enough to be aired in mainstream media channels. Many film production companies have in the last decade branched out to music production, such as Disney Music Group, Sony Music Studio, Warner Bros Records and Paramount Recording Studios. This is a clever move since they can milk more revenue from a movie blockbuster cleverly interwoven with music.

Before the voice-over recording of a singer’s music composition is added into the mix, music arrangement must be seamless. Music-layering techniques include arranging audio loops, editing the sound effect, and sound of the mono stereo. In a live choral orchestra or concert, the conductor is like the record producer. The conductor’s role is to do the conducting, direct or give directions to the ensemble present by standing in the middle of the podium with a baton and controlling the tempo using hand gestures.

For those who are drawn to song writing, being a music composer is both a rewarding and tough job. A composer composes or does the composing and creation of lyrics for the singer. Do note that a singer can be a writer, as well. In many cases, a songwriter immerses himself into the songwriting or lyrics writing process before laying it with a musical accompaniment. If you wish to know the whole process of the art, you can search Google for articles that can show you how to write a song, mix songs, or how to compose songs before enrolling into a professional songwriting school in Singapore.

Another branch of music production is DJ-ing (DJing). A disc jockey (also spelled DJ or deejay) or DJ mixer produces upbeat tunes by utilizing a turntable (a special DJ equipment) to do their beat matching, scratching crabbing, and cutting of beats. Furthermore, a top DJ performs crossfader techniques that make their stabs, mixing and transforming more seamless when transitioning to different DJ songs in DJ music. For you to learn how to be a DJ professionally or how to DJ, consider enrolling in a DJ course so you can produce your own DJ remix that professional music mixers can only do.

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