String musical instrument playing is an important music accompaniment in symphonies played by orchestras such as the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music. A concert band or an orchestra ensemble’s players plucking classical violin, viola, cello, double bass or even strumming guitar produce beautiful pure sound that is much cherished by music aficionados. A violinist uses different types of violins according to their preferences such as viola da braccio, viola da gamba, and baroque violins.

Playing violin professionally in the Little Red Dot is achievable because there are lots of violin Singapore classes available for all ages. Music classes for toddlers Singapore and even music classes Singapore for adults are widely available, so if you are an aspiring violinist or cellist who are looking for violin or cello Singapore classes for yourself or your little budding musician in a reputable music school in Singapore, you can consider Yamaha JMC, Edvox Music School, Musical Art Studio, Seimpi School of Music, Kawai Music School or Mandeville Conservatory of Music, just to name a few. You should consider taking the ABRSM graded exams so that you can systematically master the theory and practical aspects of playing the up bow and down bow of the string instruments.

Double bass instruments are for those who wish to become a good bassist player. Upright bass, string bass, bass fiddle, bass violin, doghouse bass, contrabass, bass violin, stand-up bass, bull fiddle, and bass guitar are just among the many variations of string instrument a bassist-wannabe can choose from.

Sounding heavenly when played, a harp (when played by a good harpist) is a famous string music instrument much loved especially in the Western countries. Immortalised by the story Jack and the Bean Stalk, a string ensemble or an orchaestra is never complete without a solo harpist strumming angelically in the music chamber.

Classical guitar is for the aspiring acoustic guitarists who aim to build the foundation of guitar chords. It is typically played using a wooden guitar or wood guitar that pops to make the sound crisper that other modernized guitars. Electric guitars ‘rocks’ and are usually used for rock concerts and rave shows.

Those who are keen on playing the smaller version of the guitar or mini guitar can take ukelele Singapore lessons or ukulele Singapore classes, as well as banjo courses. The ukelele (also spelled as ukelili) is the specialist instrument taught by Ukelele Movement where courses for ukulele for beginners and ukulele class Singapore are played together with Singapore ukulele groups. Ukulele lessons for ukulele beginners can start by getting their own ukalili or ukulele to kickstart their musician journey.

For the Chinese folk, Guzheng (also spelt as Gu Zhen or Gu Zheng), is one of the Qin types of Chinese musical instruments. Other variations of traditional Asia ancient instrument are Ruan, Gaohu, Er Hu, Gu Qin, Gu Zhen, Sanxian, Matouqian, Matou Qin, Lute, Zhonghu, Yue Qin (Yueqin Konghou), Liu Qin (Liuqin), and pear-shaped Pipa/Pi Pa. To see these instruments in action, go watch a Chinese orchestra or Chinese opera where solo players can make music gods like Zither and Confucius proud of their Cantonese ancestry. If these string instruments are not your type, try playing an Indian bow and a sitar for other exotic twist.

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