Creative thinking skills is the training of right-brain thinking, and this should supplement left-brain training (logical thinking, critical thinking). Schools in Asia usually train us in critical thinking but not sufficiently in creative thinking, or even higher-order thinking.

There are many thinking schools in Singapore, most notably Edward De Bono Training Associates and People Impact.

Dr Edward De Bono is a psychologist who founded lateral thinking skills. He conceptualise thinking skills using easy-to-use framework such as the Six Thinking Hats and the CoRT thinking skills for older children. The CoRT thinking programme is very useful and effective to all kinds of situations, and is useful to train creative thinking and innovation thinking. SCAMPER tool by Bob Eberle (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to Another Use, Eliminate, Reverse) is equally effective.

The CoRT comprises:

  • PMI = Plus, Minus, Interesting
  • CAF = Consider All Factors
  • OPV = Other People's Views
  • FIP = First Important Priorities
  • C&S = Consequences & Sequels
  • AGO = Aims, Goals, Objectives
  • APC = Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices's founder, Isabelle Loo, loves the thinking resources from online Think Shop of New Zealand. She often uses it in tandem with CoRT in training her children's thinking skills.

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